Is there a senior discount?

LINK does not offer a discount for senior citizens. LINK is dedicated to informing you of other valuable services outside of our bus route. The Central Texas Senior Ministry currently offers a transit program servicing residents of Falls, Hill, and McLennan counties over the age of 60. This program was designed to assist senior citizens in reaching appointments, jobs, social service agencies, and goods and services. For more information on this program, please contact the Central Texas Senior Ministry:

McLennan County
(254) 752-0497

Falls and Hill Counties
(800) 754-0878

(254) 883-2313

(254) 582-0903


Is there a student discount?

LINK does not offer a student discount.

Students making connections to McLennan Community College (MCC) have the added benefit of an on-campus shuttle system provided by the college. This service is designed to assist students with long distances between classes. For more information on MCC's Shuttle Bus System, please call (254) 299-8860.

For students traveling to Baylor University, Waco Transit has a fixed route transportation system that operates on and near the Baylor Campus. The five routes on the Baylor University Shuttle system were created to encourage students and visitors to reduce traffic and parking congestion. This service is available with no pass or boarding fee required. For more information on Baylor's University Shuttle, please call Waco Transit at (254) 750-1613.

Waco transit also has stops that reach Texas State Technical College (TSTC), Waco Campus. Waco Transit's Route 5 travels from the Waco Transit Terminal to TSTC. For more information on the Waco Transit System, please call Waco Transit at (254) 750-1613.


Is there an age at which children are able to ride for free?

Children under 5 years of age can ride the LINK service at no charge.

The LINK service is available to all individuals. We do not discriminate based on age, sex, race, disabilities, or any other factor. LINK is a low-cost service that has been developed to assist all people in need of transportation.


Is there public transportation for people who don’t live in Waco?

Yes, rural transportation is available throughout the Heart of Texas region including: McLennan, Freestone, Limestone, Hill, Falls, and Bosque counties.

For trips originating in McLennan, Freestone, and Limestone counties, call: (254) 750-1620 or 877-875-RIDE (7433).

For trips originating in Hill, Falls, and Bosque counties, call: (254) 296-8749.