The LINK service provides you access to employment, education, and recreation!

Service is available Monday through Friday.
Call 254-750-1620 for more information.


What is the Marlin LINK?
LINK is the low-cost public transportation service for residents of Riesel, Marlin, Chilton, Golinda, and Robinson. The service connects riders to all of the Waco Transit routes, as well as to Greyhound.

How does it work?
Download the Route Schedule here to see pick-up and drop-off times. Also, all Waco Transit System routes are considered flag stops, meaning you can simply flag down the bus driver wherever you would like to be picked up (note: Drivers will only stop when and where it’s safe to pick you up. You must be on the same side of the street that the bus is heading).

How much does it cost?
Daily passes are only $3, and monthly passes are only $40.

Where can I buy a bus pass?
Bus passes can now be purchased at Marlin City Hall, in addition to Waco Transit, MCC, and TSTC.